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Bruton-Rockefeller Resident Scholar Program
Bruton Parish Church
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
A Parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia

… to offer a scholar, teacher or leader who is presently making significant academic or programmatic contributions to the greater Church the opportunity to share the faith of our Lord within a parish community during a sabbatical year (September-May). (Modified now to accept applications for one semester as well)

The program invites the Resident Scholar to become part of the ongoing educational life of the parish by offering courses of study during his or her visit. Possible examples of this include:
Offering presentations to the congregation on Sunday mornings during the Adult Christian Education Hour;
Offering a mid-week study course for the congregation;
Keynoting a conference in a particular area of study for the greater Church.
The Resident Scholar will also be invited to take part in the parish's worship life, including participating occasionally in liturgy and preaching.

Setting & Housing
Bruton Parish Church, one of the oldest Episcopal Churches in the United States, is situated in the heart of the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg. A congregation of over 1,600 baptized members, Bruton Parish welcomes two million visitors each year. The Church, rectory, office and educational facilities are situated just a few blocks away from The College of William and Mary, one of Virginia's most significant state universities.
The parish will provide a furnished apartment in the old Parish Rectory, a residence adjacent to the Historic Area. It is understood that the Resident Scholar will need private time for study and renewal, as well as access to university library facilities.

Housing and utilities provided for the Resident Scholar and family members.
Stipend: $20,000

Who May Apply
Applicants must be either teaching full-time in a major seminary or university or hold a significant ecclesiastical position within the Anglican Communion. In the case of seminary professors, candidates must be nominated by their dean and/or relevant ecclesiastical authorities.

How to Apply
Letters of application should include a résumé, a letter of recommendation from seminary or university president or dean, a letter of recommendation from appropriate ecclesiastical authority (i.e. the Bishop of the diocese in which the scholar normally resides) and a brief proposal outlining the educational material that would be offered. Applications should be sent to:

The Reverend Herman Hollerith IV
Bruton Parish Church
Post Office Box 3520
Williamsburg, VA 23187-3520

Bruton Parish Church
The Rt. Rev. David C. Bane, Jr.

The Rt. Rev. Carol Gallagher
Suffragan Bishop

The Rev. Herman Hollerith IV

The Rev. Mary L. Douglas
Associate Rector

The Rev. Neil Alan Willard
Associate Rector

The Rev. Sanford A. Key
College Chaplain

The Rev. James W. Kellett
Assisting Priest

Ann S. Meyer
Christian Education Director

James S. Darling

Dr. JanEl B. Gortmaker
Associate Organist-Choir Director